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We can't wait to have you in the How's My Mom family!
How does it work?
The only thing you need is an iPhone, iPad 2, iPod Touch 4, Samsung Galaxy tablet, or any other Andoid-based smartphone or tablet. You simply download the How's My Mom application from the Apple App Store or Google Play (formerly the Android Market).

1. Every morning, the device will notify you which residents require updates that day.

2. You'll use the device to take a picture of each resident doing an activity or something fun in the center.

3. Next, you'll type in a quick update on the resident's activities, health and wellness, and any messages to be sent to the family member.

4. That's it! The device will send your update to How's My Mom, and we'll deliver the update to the family member.

How much does it cost?
With How's My Mom, you can offer unlimited updates at your boarding center for only $79 per month!

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